Homemade Ready Meals


Multi award winning ready meals.

 Fresh fish & shellfish. Gourmet sandwiches & quiches to go. 

Local, regional & national food products.


Bespoke outside catering.

For the convenience we have marked dishes that either be heated in their container or taken out and heated in a suacepan/frying pan. They might not look as pretty but they will taste as good! Instructions are provided.

These dishes are ready to eat and do not require any cooking. 



The Menu



Snacks & Starters


‘Potted Pots’


Ready to serve these make the perfect starter or snack. Just add toast, bread or crackers. The crab and shrimp can also be used to melt over cooked fish.


  • Potted IOS Tegen Mor Crab    £5.00

  • Potted Brown Shrimp              £4.50

  • Smoked Mackerel Pate           £4.50

Confit of Salakee Farm Duck Leg - Per leg £5.50


Traditionally cured and slow cooked in goose fat. Perfect as a starter or main course.

Subject to availability



Main Courses

Moroccan Lamb Tagine £6.50

Traditional North African recipe. Slow cooked lamb in the oven. Fruity, sweet with a hint of spice.


Lamb Shank Slow & Sticky for One £8.50

Whole lamb shank cooked slow in Ales of Scilly ale with marmalade, onion & fresh rosemary.


Beef & Ales of Scilly Stew, Rosemary Dumplings £6.00

Slowed cooked shin of beef in local IOS ale with steamed suet dumplings.

Chicken & Mushroom Pie £6.50

Home roast chicken in a creamy sauce with mushrooms. Topped with shortcrust pastry.


Chicken Parmigiana £6.50

Seared breast of chicken with aubergine, mozzarella & fresh basil set in our own tomato sauce glazed with Parmesan


Fish Pie One £6.50

Mixed Newlyn landed white fish & king prawns in rich creamy sauce infused with dill & parsley; topped with Cornish potato mash & Gruyere.


Maryland Crab Cakes (2) £ 8.00

St Mary’s landed white crab meat simply blended with crushed crackers, parsley and lemon juice with a hint of mustard heat. No potato here just crab!


Spiced Lentil & Tomato Moussaka (v) £5.00

Aubergine, red peppers, onions, tomatoes and Puy lentils with Ricotta & Mascarpone.


Seasonal Vegetable Lasagne (v) £5.50

Layers of lasagne roast Mediterranean vegetables with ricotta, mascarpone & parmesan.


Fried Cabbage with or without Pancetta £3.00

Steamed cabbage fried with Pancetta (or not for the vegetarian version)


Garden Peas ‘Francaise’ £3.00

Classic dish of peas, onion, cream and lettuce


Chilli & Garlic Broccoli £3.50

Tender stem broccoli pan-fried with olive oil chilli & garlic

Potato Gratin £4.50

Thinly sliced Cornish potatoes with cream and gruyere cheese. Rich and luxurious.




Seville Bread & Butter Pudding £4.00

A classic, but here we have used ‘all butter’ croissant & Seville marmalade, giving a luxurious twist.


Apple or Pear Tarte Tatin - Serves 2 £6.50

A 5” classic apple or pear tart with puff pastry and rich caramel sauce.


Lemon, Coconut & Raspberry Meringue Roulade £4.00

Luxurious meringue rolled up with cream, lemon curd, coconut and fresh raspberries.

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Mob: 07799 706573

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