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Tanglewood In-Store & To Go

Open Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm


We invite you visit us in store where you will find a small range of fresh ready eat foods that will enhance your catering requirements or indeed provide you with all that you need for lunches, brunches, picnics & dinners.


Local IOS Lobster & Crab


We have always and will continue to specialise in local crab & lobster supplied by Neil & Anna


Jenkins of Tegen Mor Shellfish and Nick Jenkins from his boat Reward.


Crab is available made up as our Award Winning Crab Cakes, Crab Quiches and Crab Sandwiches -


all require 24hr advanced ordering.


Castaway Days

The Isles of Scilly is the perfect spot to spend the day on an uninhabited island or isolated beach and we are delighted to work with Richard & Amelia Mills at The Sailing Centre to offer a small range of picnics to enjoy on your day out.

Please click on the logo below that will take you to The Sailing Centre, where you will find all the details of their Endeavour Rib boating service…

Screenshot 2022-08-08 at 07.52.13.png

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 The Tanglewood Kitchen Co.

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